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Financial Analyst

  • Category: USA Jobs
  • Published: Friday, 08 June 2018 19:43
  • Written by Associate
  • Hits: 405


Evaluate financial and accounting data to forecast business and industry conditions and support financial planning & forecasting processes; Develop models for periodic business forecasts and develop financial reporting solutions; Prepare dashboards and financial reports using Cognos BI tools; Maintain reporting data warehouse of finance related information and forecasts; and Work with contracts, IT, HR and delivery teams to integrate cross-functional information requirements.

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree or foreign equivalent in Finance or Accounting or related field and 2 years of experience in the job offered or business reporting tasks using IBM Cognos tools.



MAIL RESUME TO: HR, Cygnus Professionals, Inc., 100 Franklin Square Drive, Ste. 204, Somerset, NJ 08873.