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SOA - Enterprise Architecture



Enterprises are in immense pressure of constantly upgrading their legacy applications, software, and solutions, to meet the evolving demands of the business. Our Application modernization solutions help to achieve this by making your business processes more efficient, agile, and secured. With our solutions, you can quickly ramp up your existing applications and systems to work efficiently with better agility.

Our Application Modernization offerings

  1. Application Assessment services: Assessment services provide the precise understanding of your existing or legacy systems and it’s scalability in order to build a road map to application modernization.
  2. Application mining services: Mining services includes getting deep down into the applications and extract the business requirements, only to analyze them further. This includes implementation of service-orientated-architecture, Re-coding, application re-architecture the existing application to enhance the overall functionality and scalability.
  3. Platform transition services: Migration Services: Our Migration services help enterprises to advance their legacy applications and platforms to next generation platform, to suit the current business requirements with minimal business disruption.
  4. Program Management services: Program management service provides the end-to-end delivery for your application modernization initiative. This comprises of complete program management solutions by leveraging advanced tools and processes through customized delivery model.


Today, enterprises strive to adapt to change. The one which fails to change on a dime, eventually falls back in the race of success. Service-oriented Architecture is the way to achieve the agility towards the change in the business. SOA enables you to outline, transform, and administer your IT and business services with improved business performance. SOA is your catalyst to accelerate the efficiency of IT by transforming the legacy systems to the next generation systems. Cygnus brings together its deep technology experience and business sense to implement service-oriented Architecture by inducing advanced methodologies, tools, and expertise to plan, develop, and drive IT and business, together.

Our SOA offerings

  1. SOA approach services (Plan): This service provides the well-defined roadmap to your SOA implementation.
  2. SOA implementation services (Develop and Implement):  This service is designed to resolve end-to-end business bottlenecks. The service brings together the established methodologies, advanced tools, competency, and profitable delivery model.
  3. SOA maintenance services (Maintenance): An ITIL enabled service for your SOA infrastructure maintenance. It optimizes the SOA infrastructure to maximize the efficiency within the budgetary limits. Hence, you focus on your core business.


Enterprise architecture offers solutions of effective value proportions. It assists enterprises to enhance the efficiency and agility, in due course. Today, most successful and progressive enterprises use Enterprise architecture as their management tools. It enables enterprises to integrate strategies and processes with effective technology solutions. It can help transform technology related information into management insight which could be used further to take decisions at organization level.

Cygnus Benefits

With more than 10 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture, Cygnus is helping many global enterprises with their multi-dimensional enterprise architecture projects. Our enterprise services are tailored to suite your requirements valid to business and industry, and technology.

Apart from benefits like cost-cutting, risk reduction, and optimization, here are some more benefits of our solutions:

  1. Speedy IT decision making
  2. Enable scalability for technology innovation
  3. More ROI on IT investment
  4. Accelerate enterprise architecture implementation with reduced risk
  5. Enhance IT efficiency
  6. Enterprise Architecture Services

Cygnus offers following Enterprise Architecture services:

  1. Enterprise Architecture Framework: Cygnus helps you in your new business or IT revamp by bringing the expertise together to design a framework to determine your Enterprise Architecture.
  2. Enterprise Architecture Estimation: Our Enterprise Architecture Estimation service aligns architecture with the changing business needs through effective mitigation methodology.
  3. Consultancy and Advisory: We offer Consultancy and Advisory service at the time of IT implementation.