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Smart Grid Services


Smart Grid technology is a network of systems that receives and reports irregular actions. It pro-actively detects and reports the potential errors before it impacts the end consumer. Smart Grid pro-actively detects problems and redirect power, information, and operations teams to maintain power quality and reliability..

Smart Grid practice at Cygnus leverages the deep experience while delivering various value-added Utilities solutions and offerings to the customers. Our team of experts has always offered relevant and industry focused solutions to the customers across industries. Our Smart Grid practice delivers sustainable, futuristic, agile, dependable, and efficient solutions enabling consumer satisfaction through streamlined processes and real-time information.


For a utility in initial phases, our team provides a Smart Grid transformation solution by considering the following factors:

  • Product Type
  • Market type
  • Geographical location
  • Regulations

Our Approach for Smart Grid implementations

With years of expertise, Cygnus approach to Smart Grid implementation is straight forward yet effective.


Cygnus assists customers in identification of tailored solution, creating Smart Grid solution roadmap, collaborate with partners in testing solution models, minimize risk, add-value to the product, and so on. Over the years, Cygnus has successfully implemented various solutions in the area of Smart Grid and consolidated its range of solutions and offerings.