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M2M/IoT Solutions


 M2M/IoT - Cygnus Offerings We offer unique Integrated Platform in OT/IT convergence and cognitive process automation for advanced large-scale M2M/IoT solutions. 

  • Integrated OT/IT platforms and cognitive process automation in intelligent grid,
  • Remote patient monitoring and mHealth
  • Smart plant monitoring and WIP tracking
  • Retail automation using collaborative solution framework of sensor and M2M, mobile advance analytics, social and Cloud convergence

Created Opportunities

  • Establish mindshare as a unique platform and infrastructure agnostic solution provider in IoT/M2M/ Mobility based high performance, real-time monitoring and management applications to automate context-aware decision support and control
  • Intelligent Data/ Event Processing
  • Create industry-specific products through incremental engagements  and market maturity
  • Ensure organic growth by targeting the gap between “Build versus Buy” strategies in incubating emerging technologies or adopting disruptive trends.


  • The market size of M2M/ IoT is exponentially growing 200 billion to 1.1 trillion by 2020.  However, there are a few challenges:
  • Slow adoption of business is because of operational constraints and lack of readiness
  • Lack of ROI Proof Points to drive transformation
  • High risk execution and implementation of a sustainable and agile program
  • Limited confidence on smooth change management and rapid time-to-value


  • Intelligent Grid Management
  • Significant CaPx requirement for software and infrastructure upgrade
  • Of-the shel solutions are tightly coupled to  specific hardware and networking systems
  • Mostly data collection - no provision for real-time decision support
  • Limited Scalability on situational awareness in collaborative environment

  Difference made by Cygnus Cygnus keeps continuing making a difference with convergence redefined. There is significant market potential through incremental realization of real-time collaboration of OT & IT.

  • IP on distributed high-performance cognitive intelligence  platform
  • Vertical and Horizontal Scaling
  • Cloud enabled foundation for off-the-shelf, extensible and interoperable solution frameworks /runtime
  • High performance Computing infrastructure - Collaborate process, device infrastructure and network semantics
  • Can be configured and customized for specific environmental, operational and innovation imperatives.