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Advanced Analytics and Big Data


In the dynamic business environment of today, size, market share or even innovation is not enough to keep an enterprise at its peak performance. In fact, none of these factors can function effectively without deep data insights.  Business agility is increasingly paying a very significant role in ensuring organizations are on their feet to respond to continually changing market demands. Enterprises are fast realizing the value of real time structured data, and learning to use the velocity of its collation as the smartest tool to aid these decisions. In order to deliver strategies that have long term and sustainable benefits for the organization, much faster decisions need to be taken

Amid continually expanding data channels, fragmenting market segments, super specialization   in products and services, and a steadily rising bar for market sensitivity, enterprises have very little choice but to embrace transformation

Today, Data is everywhere, in various formats, forms and packets, and increasing in exponential quantities. What is needed is agile plans to utilize this data, structure it, collate it in a manner that analytics from its depth can provide significant insights to the needs of the customer.  Combined with deep industry knowledge, these insights could be the biggest differentiation an organization has in the market, often driving it to leadership positions.  To reach there, a companywide analytics culture needs to be built, and the value of Data has to be instilled in the very systems and processes of the company. Combining deep industry knowledge with cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods, using technology tools and cutting edge stare environments, can help drive product innovation and boost the brand like no other strategy.

The advantage deep data analytics brings are: 

  • • Engine for growth – innovation brought about by deeper and more accurate customer insights 
  • • Optimization of production, resources and hence costs – that ensures significantly better financial performance analysis
  • • Shorter time to market and  CMO strategy implementation timelines that lead to faster, smarter market wins

The methodology employed for best results is in three stages:

  • 1. Collation, structuring and analytics of past data- from where deep insights are drawn
  • 2. Using these insights to create real time, current strategies for market planning and response.
  • 3. Thinking ahead of the curve with predictive analytics, and being ready for the battle much before it arrives.

Cygnus Professionals, a next generation global information technology company, provides support in Advance Analytics and Big Data solutions, combined with domain consulting to help progressive organizations translate the technical and conceptual foundation of Big Data into strategic values. We help and inspire organizations to expand the footprint of contemporary DW&BI foundations, Real-time Analytics and intelligent service automations using large scale distributed data and rapid processing.  

Cygnus SERVICES provides:

• Big Data Strategy 

  • o Big data maturity assessment
  • o Use case definition and business case development for big data adoption
  • o Big data adoption roadmap, definition and planning
  • o Big data architecture and new-age information strategy
  • o Technology evaluations and recommendations

• Big Data Implementation

  • o Data Lake build outs – Create big data ecosystems, on cloud or on premise, to create a foundation for enterprise-wide consumption
  • o Hadoop offloads – Leverage the power of Hadoop to offload costly and time-consuming ETL processes or data
  • o Big data administration and support services – Derive ongoing value from big data investments through efficient and effective administration and support services

• Big Data Consumption

  • o Big data analytics as a service – Drive descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on your big data foundation
  • o Machine learning and cognitive computing – Create next generation, self-learning systems
  • o Data monetization – Create additional revenue channels by effectively monetizing your data assets
  • o Market Disruptors – Internet of Things

Cygnus’s Big Data business solution enables:

  • • Business Transformation – Numerous business possibilities through Digital, IoT and Data Sciences enabled business test-&-learn.
  • • Business Discovery – Sophisticated big data analytics using pre-built apps and data-discovery sandbox.
  • • Business Agility – Faster integration and on-boarding any type of information source.
  • • Business Reliability – Rapid business value with visibility on cost and timelines.

Cygnus focuses heavily on the sentiment analysis space, to understand the consumer behavior and market/product segmentation efficiencies. To ensure significant ROI and extensibility, Cygnus Professionals extends open architecture, combining best of the breed data science techniques and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to offer disruptive solutions on aPaaS (analytics Platform as a Service) and open source platforms. Some of our experience and realizations will help EA practitioners build a fresh outlooks assimilating Big Data and Advance Analytics innovation strategies to develop a holistic future state architecture.

Cygnus Offerings

Cygnus’s primary focus has been Training & Development as well as the knowledge management of major multinational companies in telecom space and Ecommerce space. We grew over the span of time and expanded our center of excellence in multiple technology segments. So it includes SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Application Modernization and the BIG DATA and Advance Analytics, M2M and IoT’s and Enterprise mobility Applications. Our core focus has been Data and Datawarehousing and large scale data processing for a while. As our core leadership comes from building high performance computing and data intensive applications for fortune 100 customers. And since then we have expanded our horizons in BIG DATA $ Advance Analytics Space. We have have our own Par Clients as well as Solutions built for customers which transforms Hadoop Ecosystems such as Hadoop PATH Space Hive and also have a good number of Data Scientists who are working with our Big Data Architects and Tech Lead to develop and Roll out predictive $ prescriptive analytics, creating sophisticated Machine Learning, Algorithms and Creating visually appalling dashboards using technologies such as R, Python, Tableau etc.