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Pharmaceutical Industry


PWC’s Report, Pharma 2020 pegs the global  pharmaceutical market to more than double to US$1.3 trillion, with the E7 countries — Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia and Turkey, having a combined share of 20% in the stake.

The report goes on to say that with current indicators, the pharmaceutical industry business model is not fully operationally capable of the agility required to cater to the rapidly changing market for drugs. The innovations required are just too complex for the current technology base, and the industry will need to change its basic operations to be able to meet this challenge.  

Over the next few years, the pharma industry will struggle to keep pace with the market demands- as healthcare needs tilt towards prevention, predictive technologies will be needed. Analytics and data on patients will be the key element in catering to this need.  Remote patient monitoring will be required increasingly, for creating healthcare and wellness packages that are customized to patient needs. As sophisticated direct-to-consumer distribution channels are established based on this personalisation, innovations will be required for deriving actionable logic from myriad data sources.  Heterogeneous inputs from areas like patient care records, clinical trial data, consumer views from the social media, historic data from internal systems, will need to be analysed for getting patient insights for R&D.

Data collation and analytics are a challenge, given these data volumes.  Hence solutions are needed to create an environment where data is structured, through digital enablement, for analytics and rendering of meaningful insights. In addition, IoT based devices that work with patients as wearables could help in this structuring as well.

The industry needs innovation – in applications transformation, in the base architecture in a manner that will allow for easier, smarter operations and help in streamlining, monitoring and unifying resources and strategies for best business benefits.

Utilisation of IoT for Pharma- the IoT – PM will be the baseline for this industry and all pharma companies   need to be ready to meet this challenge. Connected sensors allow a connected pharma manufacturing processes that includes Remote Monitoring   and control of devices.

The benefits of our IoT for Pharma industry:

  • • Allows real time visibility of the manufacturing plants for equipment availability and utilization
  • • Proactively plans on production and innovation based on patient and clinical insights that are coming in on a continuous basis. This allows for more meaningful R&D as well. 
  • • Compliance is achieved at all times and the connected nature allows for real time response for incidents

How Cygnus’s Service Oriented Architecture based approach Helps Pharma Industry  

  • • Low  cost of care: improved operations in pharma OEMs and distributors will help to streamline their operations, cut back costs and positively impact patients.
  • • Better quality will benefit patients: improved process architecture will help improve quality of drugs, at more affordable prices. The brands involved will gain on market share.
  • • Real time monitoring will help stop wastage:  of equipment and devices, since constant connectivity will provide clear visibility. Production process can be streamlined, only the planned production will happen and thus stop wastage for the company production line.
  • • Informed decision making: aided by deep insights, complete information of the patient and market needs- real time and with proof backed by sensors and IoT devices- will allow the leadership to make the best decisions, faster. The IoT-PM enables them to use dashboards for complete visibility and clarity for leading the company to bigger market share and higher revenues.

Cygnus Service allows you to transform your organisation with the relevant application of IoT, SoA and analytics, the three pronged strategy to drive growth in the pharma industry, over the next few years. 

Be future ready, and ahead of the curve for innovation in a market driven by patient centric technology.

We offer support for:

  • • Discovery & Pre-Clinical Processes – that allow for innovation in Lab Automation, Data Integration and Management and all nature of pre-Clinical Analytics
  • • Clinical Operations - to provide services that  speed up Clinical Trial Optimization, Investigator Relationship Management and all processes required for efficient clinical analysis and research
  • • Data Management – leveraging cost efficient solutions for effective data management, EDC and Paper- Based Trials and Integrated Data Management Applications, also Data-as-a Service platform
  • • Patient-led R&D- since today all development and innovation has only one focus- the patient.  We help develop seamless plans for patient engagement with IoT based devices that help to achieve efficient and accurate remote patient monitoring- reminders, assessments and follow up visits.

Cygnus Offerings:

Cygnus’s primary focus has been Training & Development as well as the knowledge management of major multinational companies in telecom space and Ecommerce space. We grew over the span of time and expanded our center of excellence in multiple technology segments. So it includes SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Application Modernization and the BIG DATA and Advance Analytics, M2M and IoT’s and Enterprise mobility Applications. Our core focus has been Data and Data warehousing and large scale data processing for a while. As our core leadership comes from building high performance computing and data intensive applications for fortune 100 customers. And since then we have expanded our horizons in BIG DATA $ Advance Analytics Space. We have our own Par Clients as well as Solutions built for customers which transforms Hadoop Ecosystems such as Hadoop PATH Space Hive and also have a good number of Data Scientists who are working with our Big Data Architects and Tech Lead to develop and Roll out predictive $ prescriptive analytics, creating sophisticated Machine Learning, Algorithms and Creating visually appalling dashboards using technologies such as R, Python, Tableau etc.