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Manufacturing industry is seeing some sweeping changes across its operations as well as market strategies. Innovations in technology will drive all these changes in manufacturing processes, supply chain an even resources management.  Each of these new areas will add to the bottomlines in terms of revenues and top lines in terms of efficacy. 

Evidently, streamlined processes to ensure minimal error, and going forward, minimal human intervention would amount to the best possible efficiencies in manufacturing lines. Machines that connect with each other, processes that are on linear platforms will be in a best position to ensure these efficacies. Worldwide trends place IoT as the next technology driver for the growth of engineering and manufacturing industry.  

All innovations now will be focused on increasing efficiency in the platform that will hold all process – comprising of cloud, mobile, social and Big Data/analytics technologies. Since IoT is the innovations catalyst for all these, it will take the role of   the tech-enabler to drive huge industry advantages in terms of automation and remote processing, making production lines more intelligent and productive, while reducing in manual monitoring costs.  Real time monitoring can clearly never deliver efficiencies of both cost and quality for a product industry, as connected platforms with intelligent machines can.

In order to identify the best market needs for creating this production system, analytics woks hand in hand with IoT. Integrated software and connected machines have made entire production lines more efficient, pushed up revenue and decreased costs at an astounding rate, and no one company can now afford to be left behind.

Cygnus Professionals, a next generation global information technology company, provides support in Supply chain solutions and IoT technologies for industrial manufacturing sector, to support organizations looking for process transformation to agility, lower costs and higher returns.  We help and inspire organizations to expand the footprint of IoT, Real-time Analytics and intelligent service automations using large scale distributed data and rapid processing, enabling the sector to push revenues and market share.  

The advantage Our Technology support brings for Industrial manufacturing are:

  • • The end to end connected processes help to design products faster and develop improved plant layouts
  • • Optimize product development costs as well as quality
  • • Reduce on manpower and looped process costs, by better planning of resources and less iterations

Cygnus SERVICES provides:

  • Smart Manufacturing – IoT based  quality and materials management system  and   COTS-  solution for agile functionality in shortest time to benefit, fully customizable solutions that  support for collaboration and mobility,  modularity and scalability to support both phased or full legacy replacement options
  • Plant Automation – with our IoT innovations for the supply chain in industrial manufacturing industry,  we help create a single platform plant automation that creates seamless supply chains ,data analytics and hence the smartest market strategies
  • Transformations – driven by our deep domain expert resources,   we offer end-to-end assessment of your supply chain’s business requirements and create   solutions for its optimization and standardization. We also help with selection, design and deployment of innovative technology solutions for the manufacturing supply chain. 
  • Sustainable excellence – using  comprehensive processes that ensure a sustained excellent outcome of  all deployment programs , create assessments and ensure the continuous improvements  in every system including  infrastructure, data collection and advanced analytics, as well as IoT an M2M tools.  

Cygnus Offerings:

Cygnus’s primary focus has been Training & Development as well as the knowledge management of major multinational companies in telecom space and Ecommerce space. We grew over the span of time and expanded our center of excellence in multiple technology segments. So it includes SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Application Modernization and the BIG DATA and Advance Analytics, M2M and IoT’s and Enterprise mobility Applications. Our core focus has been Data and Data warehousing and large scale data processing for a while. As our core leadership comes from building high performance computing and data intensive applications for fortune 100 customers. And since then we have expanded our horizons in BIG DATA $ Advance Analytics Space. We have our own Par Clients as well as Solutions built for customers which transforms Hadoop Ecosystems such as Hadoop PATH Space Hive and also have a good number of Data Scientists who are working with our Big Data Architects and Tech Lead to develop and Roll out predictive $ prescriptive analytics, creating sophisticated Machine Learning, Algorithms and Creating visually appalling dashboards using technologies such as R, Python, Tableau etc.