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Energy and Utilities


The energy industry is experiencing challenges like stringent regulation from Government, unskilled and aging staff, environmental pressures, and of course, technology and security challenges. Today energy IT leaders are looking at complete business transformation, efficient IT infrastructure, and legacy modernization in order to bring in more reliability to the business.

Cygnus understands the complexity of energy and utilities business. Cygnus has worked with customers to understand the challenges and designed customized solutions for their requirements. The solutions, methodologies, and processes that we follow are derived and tailored from the industry’s best practices to best suit the individual requirements.


With our experience with the industry, we found some of the challenges faced by Energy segment:

  1. Discouraging investment due to high volatility of crude oil price and low margins at retail.
  2. Extremely complicated operations due to vast range of crude and long supply chains.
  3. Stringent regulations and Guidelines make it even more complex.
  4. Large data being generated every second makes it complex for storage and analysis.

How Cygnus can help

Cygnus has helped its customer to overcome the challenges with its solutions. Our experts with abundance of experience offers:

  1. Collection of data throughout the energy value chain, from oil fields to fuel outlets
  2. Identifying the weak links in the value chain and fixing it proactively for efficient operations
  3. Effective MIS and reporting through customized framework and tools

Upstream Solutions:

Petro-technical Solutions: Our experts from oil and gas industry have years of experience with support and maintenance of petro-technical applications. Our services in upstream segment range from Consulting and strategy to application maintenance and support.

Drilling Completion and Well (DC&W) solutions: Our team of experts can offer effective solutions with the following:

  1. Solution architecture and design
  2. Third party integration
  3. Application support and maintenance
  4. Data management & data migration
  5. Testing methodology
  6. Infrastructure and applications

Downstream Solutions

The immediate need for downstream Oil and Gas companies is to adhere to regulatory guidelines, minimize operational cost, and establish data management system for effective decision making. Our team of experts can assist you to overcome the challenges through the following solutions:

  1. Consulting
  2. Downstream cost management
  3. Program and project management
  4. Enterprise asset management

Water Utility

The world is on the verge of water crisis and issues like water conservation and drinking water availability are becoming the most talked about issues, today.

How Cygnus can help

Cygnus Pro’s Water utilities team offers application development and maintenance services, Infrastructure support services, Product engineering services, and BPO services to meet stringent regulatory guidelines and drive better customer satisfaction levels.

Water Utilities services

The complete value chain of water utility deals with Water collection, Treatment plant, Distribution, and Retail and supply.

We take care of every aspect of the value chain with these solutions:

  1. Asset management services
  2. Supply chain management services
  3. Enterprise application services
  4. Billing and receivables services
  5. Content management services

Electric utility

Globally, Electric utility companies are looking at the pressing issues of wide supply-demand gap, power conservation, and climate change. In the last decade, this industry has seen a tremendous turnaround and continuous transformation through bringing change in regulatory guidelines.

The Electric companies are looking for solutions to challenges like:

  1. Emissions control
  2. Supply security
  3. Reliability
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Customer profitability

How Cygnus can help

The complete value chain of Electric deals with Power generation, Transmission, Distribution, retail, and customer service.

Cygnus takes care of every aspect of the value chain with Operation optimization and Advanced metering solutions.

  1. Asset management services
  2. Supply chain management services
  3. Risk, mitigation and reporting
  4. Grid operations
  5. Content management services
  6. Geospatial Application development and implementation.