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About Us


Headquartered in New Jersey (U.S), Cygnus Professionals Inc. is a next generation global information technology Solution and Consulting company powered by strong management and leadership team with over 30 person years of experience.  Today, Cygnus has strong footprints in more than 4 countries with more than 25 satisfied customers. We strive to extend our presence across industries and geographies with our industry-focused business excellence.

Our global and collaborative human capital focuses on customer centricity, agility, continuous innovation, focused industry, and business process expertise. Our rich project management experience, robust knowledge management, and center of excellence approach enable us to meet our customer’s expectations. Cygnus believes that expectations and requirements vary from customer to customer and our deep understanding of the business domain, Solution centric offerings and flexi business model help us ensure business outcome. Our value-proposition driven approach makes sure that our customers pay for value-added results and not just for efforts.

Our Vision

Cygnus’s vision is to become global leader in Business-IT transformation solutions and consulting by delivering excellence and innovation to its customers. We understand that we cannot achieve it without our people. Hence, they are the most integral part of our organization and development strategies.  People at Cygnus are committed to help their customers in achieving their goals. Our people exhibit the sense of ownership in each step while serving their customers, applying innovation to sustain competitive advantage and, develop a healthy partnership ecosystem.

Our Mission

Here is the summary of Cygnus’s mission:

  1. Transform into an esteemed global company at delivering state-of-the-art IT Consulting and Solutions to foster Business IT Integration
  2. Reinforce a loyal Partnership in Innovation and Delivery Excellence
  3. Establish a thought Leadership in synthesizing Strong Domain Knowledge with Technical Expertise to ensure Business Goals and Business Outcome